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Cappos points out real risks of third-party apps on iPhones

Though the bottom line of his company may have been the motivating force behind Apple CEO Tim Cook’s testimony in court on May 21, his voiced concerns about the risks of allowing third-party applications on the iPhone are not unfounded. Testifying in an antitrust suit brought against Apple by game developer Epic Games, Cook described...


A.I. can write code, but should it?

A Paris-based start-up called  SourceAI is in the process of developing a tool that uses artificial intelligence to write code based on a description of its given task. According to an article in Wired, published on April 23, the Source AI program is part of the continuing automation of software development. Such developments can be...


Political Ad Initiative Broadens its Focus, Changes its Name

For the past few years, NYU Tandon Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Damon McCoy and Ph.D. candidate Laura Edelson have been peering behind the curtain of social media to reveal the sources behind political ads and content, and to use data analysis to expose possible disinformation campaigns. Through the Online Political Advertising...


As Bitcoin value soars, look for cryptocrime to follow suit

Fame has a price and so does fortune. As Bitcoin was reaching $1 trillion in value, the U.S. Department of Justice was indicting three North Korean military hackers for stealing and extorting more than $1.3 billion in money and cryptocurrency from financial institutions and companies. That indictment spurred a warning from the FBI and Department of Homeland...


Zhu research paper quoted in article about risks to IIoT: “There is no control over upstream supply chain…”

A February 1, 2021 article in IoT World, pointed to a glaring flaw in efforts to secure the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)—the secondary supply chains introduced by components manufactured apart from the main supply chain. As the article’s author Rich Castagna writes, “The purchaser of those devices is at the end of the supply...