NYU Cyber Fellows

The NYU Cyber Fellows program is a master’s degree initiative designed to respond to concern over the growing shortfall in the number of cybersecurity professionals, a gap estimated by several studies to be as high as 3.5 million by 2021. Recognizing that such a shortfall presents a major cyber risk in and of itself, NYU Tandon created a master’s program that overcomes the two factors that have kept individuals from pursuing degrees in this field: time and money. NYU Cyber Fellows receive scholarships that cover roughly 75% of tuition for US residents, and as a part-time program, that offers much of the course work online, it is also an accessible program for those currently working full-time. 

The program was created in cooperation with a number of corporate partners and with the New York City Cyber Command (NYC3), an agency charged with leading the City’s cyber defense efforts. Among the many advantages of the NYU Cyber Fellows program is that the students are given access to NYC3’s Cyber Range — a virtual training network designed to prepare students to respond to real-life threats in real-time. They also receive a free five-year subscription to audit subsequent course offerings so they can stay abreast of a quickly evolving field.