Cybersecurity is not merely a technical issue.  It also has legal, economic, and regulatory facets that must be taken into account. The degree programs, competitions, and research opportunities of CCS offer students a 360 degree perspective on the field, thereby opening them to a number of potential career possibilities. CCS faculty also engage across disciplinary lines with NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and departments within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Interdisciplinary initiatives include: 

  • Courses that offer grounding in BOTH technology and policy.
  • Conferences, such as the Women Leaders in Cybersecurity event held in December.
  • The M.S. in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy, offered jointly by the NYU School of Law and NYU Tandon School of Engineering, which is designed to create managers with the integrated expertise needed to play a leadership role in the field. The one-year program addresses the business, regulatory, and technical dimensions of cyber risk management, laying the foundation for developing a high-reliability IT organization, understanding security concepts from a managerial point of view, including policies and assurances, and recognizing vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • Cooperative work with the NYU Bridge to Tandon program, which equips individuals from non-STEM academic backgrounds to be admitted into selected Tandon M.S. programs, including the M.S. in Cybersecurity.
  • The Policy Competition, held each year as part of CSAW, which challenges contestants to think critically about the big picture of cybersecurity that takes in policy, economics, law, and governance, as well as technology. Participants compete in teams of four to propose a solution to critical solution issue, and then presenting their ideas to leaders within the field.

Interdisciplinary Spotlight:

From time to time we will spotlight a topical issue in this space for which we will offer technical, legal, and policy responses from our Tandon and Law School faculty,