Press & Updates

In addition to its commitment to research and academic excellence, the faculty and staff of the NYU Center for Cybersecurity serve as security and privacy resources for other NYU departments, for their research communities, and for the general public. As such, CCS students and faculty frequently provide expert commentary to the news media. Within their respective research communities, they share their findings by presenting papers at conferences, delivering talks at forums, or publishing in leading journals. These pages are devoted to both the news being directly made by CCS faculty, and the news they are able to explain and clarify as commentators and interview subjects. The CCS News page reports on the former, highlighting awards, government or private grants, new educational initiatives, or scheduled presentations at upcoming conferences. The Press Highlights page offers links to articles and videos from the news media in which CCS personnel either explain their own work, or provide professional advice on broader security and privacy issues to the general public.