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N.S.A. Suspect Is a Hoarder. But a Leaker? Investigators Aren’t Sure.

On a half-dozen occasions in the last three years, top-secret information has leaked from the National Security Agency and appeared on the web. Government analysts concluded with alarm that the documents, including intercepted communications from Europe and Japan and the computer code for the N.S.A.’s hacking tools, had not come from the huge collection taken...


11 Signs Your Computer Is at Risk of Being Hacked

You lock your house. You keep your wallet out of plain view. You’re responsible with credit cards. You should treat your computer with the same caution, but even the most accountable people can make mistakes that make them susceptible to cybercriminals.


The lesson about email safety we can learn from Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell

This election year may well be the year of the email controversy. From Colin Powell’s emails to Hillary Clinton’s private server to the Democratic National Committee’s email leak to Donald Trump openly encouraging Russian hackers, it’s easy to see that even those with likely the tightest security measures in place are still victim to break-ins.


FTC Fall Technology Series: Ransomware

The FTC held a workshop on Ransomware which addressed questions such as: How do ransomware extortionists gain access to consumer and business computers? What role can consumer and business education play in preventing ransomware infections? Are there steps consumers and businesses should be taking to reduce the risk of ransomware or to decrease its impact?