Justin Cappos

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering | NYU Tandon

Justin’s research philosophy focuses on improving real world systems, often by addressing issues that arise in practical deployments. His dissertation work was on Stork, the first package manager designed for environments that use operating system virtualization, such as cloud computing. Improvements in Stork, particularly relating to security, have been widely adopted and are used on the majority of Linux systems via integrations into Apt, YUM, YaST, and Pacman.

His later research advances have been adopted into production use including by Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Cloudflare, Docker, RedHat, ControlPlane, Datadog, and git, as well as a substantial percentage of automobiles. More information is available on his personal page.

Research Interests: Practical security, virtualization, cloud computing, software update systems, and testbeds.

Current Projects, Research Labs, and Groups: