Live from Brooklyn, Abu Dhabi, and Grenoble: CSAW’22

Live from Brooklyn, Abu Dhabi, and Grenoble: CSAW’22

After two years as a virtual event, the Annual CSAW Cybersecurity Games and Conference will be hosting “in-person” competitions at three of its five international sites from November 10-12. In addition to the Brooklyn campus of NYU Tandon, where CSAW began 19 years ago, the NYU campus in Abu Dhabi, headquarters for Middle East/North Africa (MENA) CSAW regional events, and Grenoble INP – Esisar in Valence, France, home to CSAW Europe, also return to on-site competition for 2022. CSAW India and CSAW Mexico, at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, will also sponsor competitions for 2022, but have opted to continue as online events.

Friday, November 11, will be competition day across the CSAW landscape, with all five event sites running a variety of competitions testing skill in both attacking and defending computer software and hardware. In Brooklyn, competitions will include the Embedded Security Challenge, Hack 3D, Logic Locking, and the Policy Competition, as well as the debut of two new contests. The Fuzzing Competition, also known as the Securing Open Source Software Competition and hosted by ForAllSecure, is designed to teach students how to use fuzz testing to find security exploits in open source software. The AI vs Humans competition is a hardware security challenge that centers around defeating artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools developed for hardware security.

In addition to the NYU Center for Cybersecurity, CSAW competitions for the US-Canada site are organized by the NYU Center for Global Affairs (Policy Competition), NYU Tandon Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Hack3D Competition), and the University of Delaware Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Embedded Security Challenge).

The Abu Dhabi site will also introduce a new competition. The Hack My Robot Challenge aims to “raise awareness about the cybersecurity aspects of increasingly digitalized construction environments with a particular focus on robotics.” Participants are asked to compromise the data and operations of a given robotic system considering the characteristics of construction sites. This challenge is organized by the S.M.A.R.T. Construction Research Group, with the support of the Center for Cybersecurity (CCS) and the Center for AI and Robotics (CAIR) at NYUAD.

CSAW Europe will host four challenges, including a Red Team competition for high school students. The CSAW India site will host three competitions virtually, while CSAW Mexico will host two online competitions.

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