Uptane Hosts Virtual Conference

Uptane Hosts Virtual Conference

For the second year, the Uptane community invited OEMs and suppliers to a free virtual industry conference. The 2022 online gathering on October 13 focused on past achievements, present challenges, and future directions for the secure software update framework for vehicles, which is a project of the Secure Systems Laboratory at NYU Tandon.

The conference, primarily directed at auto manufacturers and suppliers and others working in secure-over the air delivery of software updates in Europe and Asia, was a free pre-meeting workshop of escar Europe. The topics addressed were as follows:

Part I: Coming of Age: The Past and Present of the Uptane Standards What Uptane is, what it does, and how it works
Uptane prevents or deflects specific attacks
Fundamental security assumptions and best practices

Part II: The Road Ahead: Emerging Challenges for UptaneInternational standards and national and regional regulations
ISO/SAE 21434 and ISO 24089
UN ECE 29 R155 and R156
Emerging critical issues
Aftermarket ECUs
Supply Chain Security
Adoption of Uptane by a Major OEM

Slides from the conference can be found at https://uptane.github.io/audio.html