NYU Tandon Cyber Fellows gain a valuable new training partner

RangeForce, a cloud-based cyber range that provides hands-on training in cybersecurity, announced in early January 2021 that it was partnering with the Cyber Fellows program at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering. By providing access to the company’s RangeForce Interactive CyberSkills Training Platform, the students will be able to use more than 400 RangeForce learning modules, including security tools from Splunk, Recorded Future, and Carbon Black. In addition, the Fellows were invited to participate in a RangeForce Battle Fortress Purple Team exercise on January 21. The exercise serves as a capstone project in applying the skills learned individually to team problem solving.

In a January 20th article in Yahoo Finance about the new partnership, Dr. Aspen Olmsted, adjunct faculty member of NYU Tandon’s Cybersecurity Program, observed, “This partnership will enable our students to learn practical skills via interactive training and simulations like they would on the job. By having access to the RangeForce platform our candidates can gain the expertise they need to immediately qualify for excellent job opportunities when they graduate.”

Gordon Lawson, president of RangeForce, adds, “RangeForce is honored to partner with the university to provide students with a real-world, hands-on learning environment that will allow them to build muscle memory through realistic scenarios and be ready to step into a multitude of cyber defender roles.”