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To illustrate the type of projects conducted by students in the Master’s program in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy, we spotlight the following papers from one of the program’s classes: Selected Topics in Computer Science: Emerging Innovations in Cyber Security.

As defined in the official course description, the class “provides a forward-looking introduction to emerging innovations, themes, risks, challenges, and technologies,” including such topics as security in Dev/Ops, security versus privacy, artificial intelligence-based security controls, and threats to social media, zero trust architecture, 5G mobile infrastructure, and security in supply chains. The class has been taught for the past two years by Dr. Edward G. Amoroso, Distinguished Research Professor at the NYU Center for Cybersecurity, and Joel Caminer, who is senior director of the Center for Cybersecurity. The papers listed below were written during the spring semesters of 2021-2023, and can be accessed at


Arjun Dabir, “Cyber Resilience and Active Directory”

Stephanie Heckel, “Devops-DevSecOps Role in cATO and DoD Software Factories”

Sarah Klein, “Detecting Deepfakes to Address Non-consensual Porn and Sexual Exploitation of Children Online”

Ania Kowalczuk, “Balancing Security and Privacy in the Age of AI-Powered Surveillance”

Tim Nelson, “Using GPT to Attack Neural Nets”

Joey Sylvester, “A Preponderance of Cybersecurity Frameworks”

Patrick Turner, “Malicious Use of Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Weapons Systems”

Mary Jacqueline Uy, “Can We Trust Security Ratings? Are They Effective? A Look into BitSight”


Courtney Adante, “The demand for cybersecurity transparency (while critical) is creating regulatory whiplash”

Kelly R.D. Keiter, “Shakespeare and Responsible AI: To govern or not to govern?”

Kavitha Mariappan, “The software supply chain is only as cyber-secure as its weakest link”

Derek P. Moore, “DevSecOps”

M. Salas, “Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)”

Aaron Sawchuk, “Understanding the history of cybersecurity to help secure the future”

K. Wenzel, “Securing artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles”

J. Whorley, Securing ML workloads in the Cloud and on the Edge”


Bindu Chip, “Why don’t packets have license plates?”

Jas Easterly, “Disinformation is a cybersecurity threat”

Debbie Eng, “Envisioning a 5G-Enabled World”

Paula Granger, “Collective Cybersecurity:  A Whole-of-Global-Community Approach”

Brian Austin Kenny, “The Pressing Need for Advancements in Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security”

John Benjamin Meyer, “The Time has Arrived for the SBOM. . . . but has the SBOM Arrived for the Time?”

Lee Perla, “Responding to Nation State Cyberattacks”