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Data and privacy security tools and strategies have become critical to businesses and government agencies as well as to individuals. CCS is expanding these technologies on a number of fronts, including harnessing emerging technologies like homomorphic encryption. The Center has also identified emerging targets, such as current and future IT/communication systems, IoT devices, and social media.  Lastly, CCS researchers are also investigating how data mining can be used to infringe on our privacy, and how systems and laws can be redesigned to limit these intrusions.

Relevant Faculty

  1. Siddharth Garg
  2. Judith Germano
  3. Rachel Greenstadt
  4. Michail Maniatakos
  5. Damon McCoy
  6. Randal Milch
  7. Christina Pöpper
  8. Brandon Reagen

Lab/Center Links

  1. EnSuRe Research Group
  2. Cyber Security and Privacy Lab (Abu Dhabi)
  3. Modern Microprocessor Architectures Lab
  4. mLab

Sample Projects

  1. DeepReDuce
  2. Subverting GANs
  3. Characterizing and Optimizing End-to-End Systems for Private Inference
  4. IoT Inspector
  5. “ ‘It would probably turn into a social faux-pas:’ Users’ and Bystanders’ Preferences of Privacy Awareness Mechanisms in Smart Homes”
  6. Intercepting Targeted Adverti
  7. “ ‘It Feels Like Whack-a-mole’: User Experiences of Data Removal from People Search Websites


  1. WLC 2018: At the Intersection of Technology, Privacy & Security