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 According to the FBI’s 2021 Internet crime report, more than $6.9 billion was lost in the United States to cybercrime activities in 2021. These attacks can range from the use of cyber technology for illegal surveillance and online harassment, to the manipulation of access to in-demand items through dark web marketplaces. Research initiatives from the Center for Cybersecurity have addressed strategies for mapping and disrupting cybercrime networks, and designed legal and policy interventions that can deter criminal networks from raising, storing, moving, and using funds.

Relevant Faculty

  1. Judith Germano
  2. Rachel Greenstadt
  3. Damon McCoy
  4. Danny Yuxing Huang

Sample Projects/Papers/Programs

  1. “Using Authorship Verifications to Mitigate Abuse in Online Communities”
  2. Narrative Justifications for Intimate Partner Surveillance in Online Forums”
  3. “Dark  Web Marketplaces and COVID-19: Before the Vaccine”
  4. Cyber Crime Seminar: NYU School of Law
  5. “Libel Inc: An Analysis of the Libel Site Ecosystem”
  6. “SoK: Hate, Harassment, and the Changing Landscape of Online Abuse”
  7. Abuse Vectors: A Framework for Conceptualizing IoT-Enabled Interpersonal Abuse


  1. Women Leaders in CyberSecurity: Critical Cybersecurity Updates