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When it comes to cybersecurity, who is responsible for developing and enforcing policies to adequately address current and future risk? Our work on cyber governance aims to identify the appropriate roles and obligations of various stakeholders—including private companies and government agencies. This includes issues of technical capacity, the regulatory environment, and  commercial incentives. CCS research in Cyber Strategy works to sharpen the boundaries between cybersecurity and intelligence authorities, the ways in which cyber capabilities are integrated into larger strategic structures, and the development of international laws and norms.

Relevant Faculty

  1. Edward Amoroso
  2. Randal Milch
  3. Samuel J. Rascoff

Sample Projects/Papers/Programs

  1. MS in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy Program
  2. “A New Decade and New Cybersecurity Orders at the FTC”
  3. “What’s Good for Litigation Isn’t Necessarily Good for Cybersecurity”
  4. “Cybersecurity in One Voice: Leveraging CISA Programming to Improve FTC Cybersecurity Enforcement”
  5. Reiss Center on Law and Security
  6. Index of Cyber Security
  7. CISO Program