Governor Hochul Chooses NYU Tandon to Introduce First Statewide Cybersecurity Policy

Governor Hochul Chooses NYU Tandon to Introduce First Statewide Cybersecurity Policy

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On August 9, Governor Kathy Hochul introduced New York State’s first plan to protect digital infrastructure in a special presentation at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn. According to an article by Jada Camille that appeared in Brooklyn (, the plan “outlined how the state will protect critical data, networks, and technology systems against cyber threats — securing both New Yorkers’ personal information and government data and operations.” 

The plan, as described in a factsheet from the Governor’s office (see  is built to ensure the state’s cyber systems, and its operators are:

Unified, by working to increase access to cybersecurity information, tools, and services so that the State’s most sophisticated defenses are available to its least well-resourced entities. 

Resilient, by moving to expand the scope of cybersecurity regulations, requirements, and recommendations so that New York’s critical infrastructure is better protected

Prepared, by providing advice and guidance to ensure New Yorkers are empowered to take charge of their own cybersecurity unification, resilience, and overall preparedness. 

The Tandon campus was chosen for the announcement in recognition of the school’s long commitment to cybersecurity and the training partnerships that have been formed between the school and the state, Hochul observed that there is a need for more than “just systems, digital platforms, and computers. We don’t just need A.I., we need H.I–Human Intelligence.” To illustrate this point, a group of graduates from the NYU Tandon Digital Learning MTA Professional Learning Certificate in Operational Technology Security were invited to the event. Over the last few months, at least 60 employees of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) have received cybersecurity training.

Also speaking at the event were Janno Lieber, CEO of the MTA, Jake Braun, Acting Principal Deputy National Cyber Director for the Biden Administration, and philanthropist Craig Newmark. The entire presentation is available for viewing at