Cappos: To end ransomware attacks, stop paying ransom

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and a primary reason why is that such attacks are profitable. Therefore, to stop the crime, make sure it doesn’t pay. In a July 9 article in Yahoo Finance, NYU associate professor Justin Cappos notes that, “if no one had ever paid ransom for ransomware…then it would have faded away.” Passing legislation against paying ransom could “remove a lot of the economic incentive,” because hackers would know a targeted company couldn’t pay without consequences.

Attacks are also on rise against school districts, hospitals and local governments. In this instance, Cappos points to the shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers. As he tells City and State New York, “low-paying government jobs might not be at the top of the list” for those who could “help organizations advise and craft safe infrastructure and practices.” 

Read the Yahoo Finance article here and the City and State article here.