Whitepaper Underscores Uptane’s Role in Securing Automobiles

Airbiquity, a company that designs and develops over-the-air delivery systems for vehicles, recently released a white paper on the importance of securing such systems. The focal point of the document is how its OTAmatic update product, working with Uptane, an open source, compromise-resilient update framework for cars, can provide this security. The document establishes why computing units are vulnerable to hacking, quoting Dr. Justin Cappos of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering as saying, “an attacker being in your vehicle actually is a fairly likely outcome for a modern car.” Airbiquity was an early adopter of Uptane , while Cappos was part of the research team that developed the framework, and continues as one of its primary contributors.

The white paper outlines the types of attacks that can be directed at automobiles, and how the basic principles of Uptane and OTAmatic can address these threats. To read the white paper, go to https://www.airbiquity.com/blog-events/blog-posts/delivering-secure-automotive-ota-updates-uptane-and-otamatic?__s=p54njaazgqic1gqfruk3.

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