ASPIRE Scholarship

ASPIRE Scholarship

NYU is offering a scholarship for students entering the vital field of cybersecurity. Applications for Fall 2018 will open in January 2018.

Through enrollment in a cross section of interdisciplinary coursework at one of the world’s foremost universities, qualified students will be provided with skills in the technological (NYU School of Engineering), business (NYU Stern), law (NYU School of Law), cultural (NYU Steinhardt), public policy and management (NYU Wagner), and scientific (NYU Courant) aspects of real-world security and privacy problems.

“America’s economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cybersecurity. … We count on computer networks to deliver our oil and gas, our power and our water. We rely on them for public transportation and air traffic control. Yet we know that cyber intruders have probed our electrical grid and that in other countries cyber attacks have plunged entire cities into darkness.”

—President Barack Obama


The ASPIRE (A Scholarship for Service Partnership for Interdisciplinary Research and Education) award from the National Science Foundation will prepare its recipients with strong technical training and a security mindset that looks beyond just the technology when approaching problems. As part of the Federal Scholarship for Service (SFS) program, it will nurture leadership, community service, and good citizenship in its scholars, producing a cadre of Scholarship for Service graduates ready for some of the most crucial challenges of our time.

The scholarship supports two to three years of stipends, tuition, and allowances for students in the general area of information assurance and cybersecurity. The scholarships cover expenses normally incurred by full-time students in the institution, including tuition and education related fees (it does not include items such as meal plans, housing, or parking). Additionally, students awarded the scholarship will also be given academic year stipends, and many other benefits.

For additional information on the following areas, please contact:

Technology at NYU School of Engineering: Nasir Memon—
Business at NYU Stern: Anindya Ghose—
Ethics and Politics of Privacy and Security at NYU Courant: Helen Nissenbaum—
Policy and administration at NYU Wagner: Rae Zimmerman—
Law at NYU School of Law: Zachary K. Goldman—

For more information, please read the ASPIRE FAQs.

Meet our 2016-2017 ASPIRE scholars.