Apply Now for Fall 2018 ASPIRE Scholarships

ASPIRE Scholarship

NYU is offering a scholarship for students entering the vital field of cybersecurity. Applications for Fall 2018 are open now.

Through enrollment in a cross section of interdisciplinary coursework at one of the world’s foremost universities, qualified students will be provided with skills in the technological (NYU School of Engineering), business (NYU Stern), law (NYU School of Law), cultural (NYU Steinhardt), public policy and management (NYU Wagner), and scientific (NYU Courant) aspects of real-world security and privacy problems. The Scholarships are typically for two years but can be increased to three years for exceptional students.


The ASPIRE (A Scholarship for Service Partnership for Interdisciplinary Research and Education) award from the National Science Foundation will prepare its recipients with strong technical training and a security mindset that looks beyond just the technology when approaching problems. As part of the Federal Scholarship for Service (SFS) program, it will nurture leadership, community service, and good citizenship in its scholars, producing a cadre of Scholarship for Service graduates ready for some of the most crucial challenges of our time. Please visit the Office of Personnel Management for more information regarding the SFS program (

Scholarship Benefits

  • Tuition assistance (does not include items such as meal plans, housing or parking)
  • Academic year (9 month) stipends up to $22,500 per year for undergraduate students, maximum of $34,000 for master’s degree students and doctoral students
  • Other expenses covered (per academic year)
    • Professional development allowance (SFS required travel, professional certification etc.), up to $4,000
    • Health insurance reimbursement, up to $3,000
    • Book allowance, up to $2,000
  • Customized mentoring, advising, and career planning from ASPIRE faculty advisors, staff, and alumni from across the University
  • Three-month paid summer internship at a federal agency (if student is selected)
  • Upon graduation, potential placement at a government agency in a cybersecurity-related job
  • Benefits may vary from school to school

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Must be a citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States
  • Undergraduates, including outstanding freshmen candidates, OR graduate students (masters, J.D., or doctoral)
  • Currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment at NYU-Tandon, NYU-Stern, NYU-Law, NYU-Steinhardt, NYU-Wagner or NYU-Courant
  • Pursue a cybersecurity intensive program of study as approved by the Executive Director of the SFS program
  • Attend school on a full-time basis while receiving the SFS scholarship
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 for BS students and 3.5 for MS students, while in the program
  • Successful applicant MUST work for two years at a federal agency upon graduation or, subject to approval of the NSF program office, for a state, local, tribal, or territorial government; or a federally funded research and development center
  • Meet selection criteria for federal employment, final job placement might require security clearances

Application Instructions—NYU Tandon School of Engineering

To apply, interested applicants should email the following documents to

  • Unofficial transcripts from all colleges attended
  • A two-page statement describing your career goals in government service and cyber security. This statement should also describe any experience in cyber security, including: courses, projects, theses, job experience, etc.
  • At least two recommendation letters, with one preferably from a faculty member

Application Instructions—NYU School of Law

As an applicant for the ASPIRE Cybersecurity Scholarship, you must complete your JD application by January 1 and you must have a complete CAS report ready to be requested by NYU School of Law no later than January 1. You are required to submit, as an addendum to the JD application, a statement (no more than 500 words) that describes your interest in cybersecurity and in public service. You are also required to submit at least two references who may be contacted during the interview process.

ASPIRE scholars at NYU Law participate in lectures, discussions, and other programming with ASPIRE students from other NYU schools. Law students may not take online courses towards the J.D. Students selected for the program will also enroll in three technical cyber-security courses at NYU Tandon School of Engineering after their first year of law school, for which they will receive some credit towards their JD degree. Courses include:

  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Network Security
  • Computer Networking

Participating students are required to work in a government cybersecurity internship during the summer between their second and third years of Law School. These positions will often require that students be able to obtain a security clearance. Students interested in pursuing a dual degree will need to consult with the ASPIRE program leadership regarding curricular choices and the allocation of academic credit.

ASPIRE Scholarships at the Law School are funded through a mixture of federal and Law School resources.  Total benefits will vary depending on the level of federal funding, but will in no event be less than three years of full tuition assistance.  For additional information, please contact Randal Milch, Distinguished Fellow at the Center on Law and Security and the Center for Cybersecurity, at

For additional information on the following areas, please contact:

Technology at NYU School of Engineering: Nasir Memon—
Business at NYU Stern: Anindya Ghose—
Policy and administration at NYU Wagner: Rae Zimmerman—
Law at NYU School of Law: Randal Milch—

For more information, please read the ASPIRE FAQs.