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Researchers Build Secure System for Encrypted Cloud Computing

May 1, 2016



The “cloud computing” we hear so much about is cheap and efficient, but it’s not completely secure. Encrypted data — payroll information, for example, or hospital records — can easily be stored on servers run by Google, Amazon, Oracle, or another company. But only non-encrypted data can be processed “in the cloud” and that creates an obvious security risk in our era of hacks, exploits, and cybercrime. Read More

Enhancing National Cybersecurity

April 30, 2016


The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity recently held public meetings.

Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers to Handle New Digital Problems

April 18, 2016


Ttomorrow’s lawyers—today’s law students—need to be better equipped to understand the underlying technical systems that will push the law in new directions. In no area of law is this dynamic more apparent than cyber security.

U.S. charges Iran-linked hackers with targeting banks, N.Y. dam

March 24, 2016


“It demonstrates a continued commitment to raising the cost of cybercrime and to demonstrating that the U.S. government can uncover the tradecraft of cybercriminals and attribute their activities with confidence,” said Zachary Goldman, executive director of New York University School of Law’s Center on Law and Security. “It also reinforces the U.S. government’s commitment to using every tool available to counter Iran’s destructive activities notwithstanding the nuclear deal.”

Researchers Team with Con Edison to Safeguard the Smart Grid

March 19, 2016


Con Edison has teamed with researchers at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering to advance the safety and security of the utility’s burgeoning smart grid system. Professor Ramesh Karriand Research Assistant Professor Michail Maniatakos, both in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, received a $400,000 grant to build and test mechanisms to defend the smart grid against cyber attacks. Read more

Cyber Dialogues: Technology, Risk, and Governance

March 7, 2016


The Center for Cybersecurity and the Center on Law and Security hosted an event that examined the future of cybersecurity, bringing together leading lawyers, business leaders, and technologists for an interdisciplinary discussion.

National Science Foundation Award Will Secure Microchip Design and Manufacturing

February 8, 2016



The National Science Foundation (NSF) selected Siddharth Garg, a member of the computer hardware security research team at New York University, to receive a prestigious award for promising young faculty.

Working in Tandem at Tandon

January 19, 2016



Members and Incubator Companies Join Forces in the Faculty Engineer in Residence Program.

Hacking to Shadow China Summit

September 24, 2015


Tension over hacking will shadow Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to Washington.

Chinese president emphasizes cybersecurity during Seattle visit

September 24, 2015


In a policy address peppered with Hollywood allusions and assurances of China’s economic health, President Xi Jinping pledged Tuesday that his country would protect the rights of foreign investors and vowed that the nation would “never close its open door to the world.”

US, China negotiating cyber warfare agreement

September 21, 2015


The negotiations are mostly an attempt to codify consensus on the belief that basic international law should apply to cyberspace and cyber conflict, said Zachary Goldman, executive director of the New York University School of Law’s Center on Law and Security.

U.S. developing sanctions against China over cyberthefts

August 30, 2015


The Obama administration is developing a package of unprecedented economic sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals who have benefited from their government’s cybertheft of valuable U.S. trade secrets.

Differing outlooks impede Sino-US cooperation to enhance cybersecurity

August 3, 2015


Zachary Goldman and Jerome A. Cohen consider the challenge of Sino-US cooperation on cybersecurity.

Senators want China out of currency club over hacking

June 9, 2015


Two U.S. senators who have been the most vocal in accusing China of currency manipulation are now listing cyber espionage as a reason not to admit the Chinese yuan into an exclusive club of currencies that would elevate its status in the global economy.

From the War Room to the Board Room? Effectively Managing Cyber Risk without Joining the Front Lines

June 1, 2015

Randal Milch and Zachary K. Goldman

Corporations seeking to manage the asymmetric cyber threat environment face a range of pressures. T e current unstable legal landscape makes management’s day-to-day approach to the persistent and mounting challenge all the more difficult. Companies face an increase in activity by the plaintiffs’ bar and inconsistent regulatory attention by the various government agencies involved in cybersecurity. Amidst this uncertainty, however, the obligations of boards of directors in the management of corporate risks—including cyber risks—remain clear.

Sanctioning Cyber Crime: The New Face of Deterrence

May 19, 2015


Zachary K. Goldman on the new cybersecurity sanctions program adopted by the Obama administration.

Terrorism 2.0? New Challenges in Cyberspace

April 17, 2015


Zachary Goldman writes about the new landscape in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.