A Timely Talk About Cyber Threats to Our Democracy

November 30, 2017


On November 16, as many Americans prepared for Thanksgiving, Ed Amoroso — former chief security officer of AT&T Services, advisor to four presidential administrations, CEO of global security firm TAG Cyber LLC, and NYU Tandon Distinguished Research Professor — gave a rapt audience a good reason to be thankful: that there are brilliant, experienced, and visionary cybersecurity experts exploring recent cyber-threats to our electoral system and ways to mitigate those risks in the future.

Boards Should Think of Cyber a Bit More Like Bank Robberies, Former AT&T Security Chief Says

November 17, 2017

Corporate boards should think about cybersecurity risk as banks think about bank robbery: a relatively common risk that must be managed. “Just like bank robbery, you can’t say get rid of (cyber risk) and make it never happen,” said Ed Amoroso, former chief security officer at AT&T Inc.

Researchers Discover Big Cryptographic Potential in Nanomaterial

November 29, 2017

The next generation of electronic hardware security may be at hand as researchers at New York University Tandon School of Engineering introduce a new class of unclonable cybersecurity security primitives made of a low-cost nanomaterial with the highest possible level of structural randomness. Randomness is highly desirable for constructing the security primitives that encrypt and thereby secure computer hardware and data physically, rather than by programming.

Cyber Defense Tool Limitations and What Our Leaders Should Be Doing About Them

November 13, 2017


Judith Germano, Senior Fellow at the NYU Center for Cybersecurity and NYU Center on Law & Security and Founder, GermanoLaw LLC

Timothy Ryan, Principal, Assurance Services, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Matthew Waxman, Liviu Librescu Professor of Law and the faculty chair of the National Security Law Program at Columbia Law School

Hackers could take control of cars and kill millions, ministers warned

November 20, 2017

Modern cars are an “open door” to hackers, inviting hostile states to use Britain’s roads as a weapon against citizens, ministers have been warned. Deaths are inevitable within five years if carmakers do not fix vulnerabilities in technology, one of the world’s experts in vehicle software has said. Justin Cappos said that any car built since 2005 could be controlled remotely by hackers with some cars built as long ago as the year 2000 also at risk. Hackers could already be causing accidents without the authorities realising it because no one was looking for the evidence.

Weaponizing 3-D printers: Cyberattacks could turn battlefield tech into threats

November 13, 2017

Flaws [in military equipment] could be introduced in the 3-D printing software by a cyberattack if the printers aren’t equipped with proper cybersecurity, said Nikhil Gupta, New York University associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and an affiliate faculty at the NYU Center for Cyber Security. The possibility of a bug altering a 3-D file, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to the point of making the end product unusable is a real threat.