AIG Lecture Series: Democracy Confronts Cyber Insecurity

November 16, 2017
3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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Cyber Defense Tool Limitations and What Our Leaders Should Be Doing About Them

November 13, 2017


Judith Germano, Senior Fellow at the NYU Center for Cybersecurity and NYU Center on Law & Security and Founder, GermanoLaw LLC

Timothy Ryan, Principal, Assurance Services, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Matthew Waxman, Liviu Librescu Professor of Law and the faculty chair of the National Security Law Program at Columbia Law School

All About Bugs (of the Animal and Computer Varieties) (Podcast)

November 2, 2017

Musical crickets, crop-saving wasps — and why you should pre-bug your software. Professor Brendan Dolan-Gavitt explains to Stephen Dubner, noted author and host of the NPR program Freakonomics why he puts bugs in programs to make them more secure. [interview at 12:10]

There’s Now an Academic Study on the Dark Art of Doxing

November 9, 2017


Plenty of people want to get famous online, but most people don’t. Researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the University of Illinois at Chicago released a report Tuesday on the very modern-day phenomenon of doxing, or revealing someone’s personal information online. The report, “Fifteen Minutes of Unwanted Fame,” analyzed 1.7 million text files, mostly on the sites, and, where nearly all doxing is done.

iPhone X First Look: Let’s Talk About Face ID

October 31, 2017


The iPhone X’s Face ID camera module has received a bit more press than Apple might’ve intended. The facial recognition security tech was the whiz-bang feature that caught everybody’s eye during the Tim Cook and friends keynote—and later it was repeatedly fingered as the culprit behind the long-rumored iPhone X shortages and delays. So what’s the deal with it? … Nasir Memon, chair of the New York University Tandon School of Engineering explained to Gizmodo earlier this year  that Touch ID actually takes multiple tiny photos of a person’s fingerprints.

Tracking Hackers with NLP and Machine Learning

November 2, 2017

…Cybercrime researchers and law enforcement need to broadly understand the scale and scope of the activity on these underground markets, but it takes a long time for human analysts to peruse entire forums. To expedite this process, a multi-university team of researchers including Damon McCoy, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU [Tandon School of Engineering], has developed new natural language processing tools that can be trained on forum-specific data to categorize posts and determine what products are being bought and sold for what prices.

Top Experts: Can Facebook Legally Disclose Russian Ads–What does the Stored Communications Act say?

October 30, 2017

How could the Stored Communications Act (SCA) prohibit Facebook from providing Congress with the “Russian Ads” one day, but permit it the next?